Pictures From The Road

I’m back from my travels, sorry I haven’t put any photographs up. More than half the time zero internet or cell service. Can’t say that I miss being reconnected. There’s something about being disconnected to reconnect with the nature around us.

This massive beast looking over at us. We were safe roughly fifty yards away. Couldn’t help but think of how many of these incredible creatures we simply slaughtered by hunters and settlers, wasted for their skin only, not harvested for food expect by the native Americans.

Hope all is well with everyone.


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Common Snapping Turtle

Something most of us will never see, the mating ritual of the common snapping turtle. Saw these two lovebirds yesterday.

Gestation period is around 90 days.

They lay their eggs between April and November, May and June the most common months.

They will lay their eggs in the same place each year, and often have a clutch of 20-80 eggs. Temperatures between 73-80 degrees F will produce males, slightly above or below those temps with produce both sexes, and more extreme temperatures will produce females.

Life expectancy of the common snapping turtle in the wild is less than that of the Alligator Snapper. Whereas the common snapper will live longer than the Alligator snapper in captivity.

Great time of the year to visit your local marshlands or wildlife center!

Northern Shoveler

Had a nice flyby by this Northern Shoveler yesterday. Moving with afterburners kicked in.

Early Morning Sorte

I don’t believe they hang out together, they were just sharing the same Lake and had a simultaneous departure time on separate runways.

Getting back into the photos. I feel lost without taking pictures.

Took over a very small space in the condo to act as a recording studio. I’m hoping it sounds good for you, next episode will be out Tuesday or Wednesday.

The news has really got me down, we’re at each others throats, everyone is hating each other…

I don’t know the answers. I do know photography makes me feel better though.

Have a great day!!


Aerial Combat

Very active sky yesterday afternoon. Crows attacking this hawk. At one time it was seven to one. The Hawk departed the area unscathed!

American Goldfinch

He’s a daily visitor now. Feasting on the Black-eyed Susans and sunflowers, they are almost gone and yet this ones family stops by daily. It’s been a pleasure to have them this year.

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Parenthood isn’t easy. Watching these three yesterday made me think of the responsibility we as parents have to our children. Not an easy task being someone’s parent, that is, when you are fully in. It takes a ton of sacrifice, patients, understanding…it’s never ending and yet simultaneously, it is possibly the most rewarding thing I have ever done and continue to do.

This doe is drained: nutritionally caring for these two fawns has taken its toll on her, but she will rebound. As I lay here on the couch this morning staring out of the glass then back at these pics I am reminded at how blessed I am to be the father of two. A tough job, absolutely, even tougher to do it right. And then you hope and pray they become good people. I am blessed that mine are indeed good people, kind people, caring individuals, a great feeling to have as I lay here on Fathers Day and understand I have indeed been blessed with becoming a dad. Happy Parents Day, Happy Fathers Day! Have a great day!

Beautiful encounter

Nice encounter yesterday, spotted this little one way off of the trail in a ravine, staying still, barely a blink. Took the photo and off I went so as not to spook it. Beautiful encounter.


DSC_7790 (2)

This beautiful African Lion resides at the Cape May Zoo, New Jersey, USA

DSC_7784 (2)DSC_7795 (2)

Nikon D5300 18-140mm Tamron

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