Grand Tetons Moose

Came across this beautiful creature in the Grand Tetons, Wyoming.

It’s what everyone is searching for out there, a glimpse of wildlife in its natural environment.

It’s also crazy how close people will get to these animals in order to get the shot they want.

I found solace in understanding I don’t have to outrun these wild animals if they turn aggressive, I only have to outrun the humans who got too close in the first place.

Pictures From The Road

I’m back from my travels, sorry I haven’t put any photographs up. More than half the time zero internet or cell service. Can’t say that I miss being reconnected. There’s something about being disconnected to reconnect with the nature around us.

This massive beast looking over at us. We were safe roughly fifty yards away. Couldn’t help but think of how many of these incredible creatures we simply slaughtered by hunters and settlers, wasted for their skin only, not harvested for food expect by the native Americans.

Hope all is well with everyone.


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Northern Goshawk?

I’ve been trying to get a photo of this hunter of the skies for a very long time.

I often see it when it’s too late, in the midst of its steep dive onto its prey, for a while I believed someone was operating a drone and dropping it to ground quickly, but then realized its a raptor of some sort.

It lurks very high, floating when it can in wind gusts, scanning below, often turning its head completely to study the space beneath, and then it happens…wings fold, it drops from the sky at an angle, opening, adjusting wings to stay on course, and then, gone below the tree line where I am certain it gets its prey…

Common Snapping Turtle

Something most of us will never see, the mating ritual of the common snapping turtle. Saw these two lovebirds yesterday.

Gestation period is around 90 days.

They lay their eggs between April and November, May and June the most common months.

They will lay their eggs in the same place each year, and often have a clutch of 20-80 eggs. Temperatures between 73-80 degrees F will produce males, slightly above or below those temps with produce both sexes, and more extreme temperatures will produce females.

Life expectancy of the common snapping turtle in the wild is less than that of the Alligator Snapper. Whereas the common snapper will live longer than the Alligator snapper in captivity.

Great time of the year to visit your local marshlands or wildlife center!

Episode 104: Treat Yo Self!

The new lens was something I treated myself to so as to get closer to the subjects I am fortunate enough to find.

It’s healthy to have a hobby or a diversion from the seriousness of life. Taking a walk, listening to music, playing music, creating music, reading a book, some sort of hobby to give yourself a break from whatever it is you may be dealing with.

In this episode we talk about this, I share a little bit of the newest song I wrote for some bumper music to the show, and talk about plans for the future in writing songs.

Listen to Episode 104: Treat Yo Self on the link below. Please share if you like.

Finding Subjects Podcast: 104: Treat Yo Self (

Free Falling

Most people I know detest these creatures, Turkey Vultures. They say they are nasty, disgusting creatures, while I, on the other hand, disagree greatly.

Why? Well, I get the opportunity to view them daily. There is a family of them who roost on a building not far from me, so I see their routines, their curiosity, their daily flybys to check me out.

Their gliding capabilities are astounding, one minute they are cruising by effortlessly, they hit a thermal or an updraft of some sort, and suddenly they are a thousand feet up, just a speck in the sky, which is one of the big reasons I wanted a zoom capable of photographing these and other raptors that fill the sky in this area of Pennsylvania.

This particular bird did just that, floated by my balcony, then suddenly in a minute or so, it was riding high up, and that’s where the show begins, spotting a family member below, this creature went straight into this freefall if you will, it’s speed picking up exponentially as it dropped towards its family member.

These birds are scavengers, and that is why I found this ‘attack mode’ drop interesting. I have never seen one try to take prey in the air, I don’t think they even do that? But, maybe they are capable of attacking another bird?

Regardless, this bird seems to love the speed at which it was capable of reaching, as it brushed by the other bird below and together they circled off, drifting once again.

Northern Shoveler

Had a nice flyby by this Northern Shoveler yesterday. Moving with afterburners kicked in.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle: John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

Great encounter yesterday with this incredible creature. Overcast day at the refuge, not too many people, but a lot of migratory birds. Walking the exterior of the main pond, passers by asked if I saw the Eagles in the tree nearby, I hadn’t, and was thankful they pointed me back towards a trail I had bypassed.

I am always amazed at the size of these creature. And also the intimidation factor of those talons.

Nikon D5300/Sigma 150-500mm

Aerial Combat

Very active sky yesterday afternoon. Crows attacking this hawk. At one time it was seven to one. The Hawk departed the area unscathed!

American Goldfinch

He’s a daily visitor now. Feasting on the Black-eyed Susans and sunflowers, they are almost gone and yet this ones family stops by daily. It’s been a pleasure to have them this year.

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