The Balcony

This is a crow that comes by often, it hangs out with two other crows and they are constantly around, which I think is very interesting. Always together, never apart, they head off over the horizon and come back with something interesting in their beaks: a branch, an orange peel, always something it seems…
The occasional aircraft flyby. Can’t be enough of those for me. Fascinated by flight, I am.
Coming in from Amsterdam, heading to Atlanta, Flight Radar 24 is a very interesting APP that tells you exactly what it is you are looking at!
This beautiful creature…I know…fugly might just be the word but I’ll tell you, they glide effortlessly, majestically, soaring to great heights, finding food by an incredible ability to utilize it’s highly attuned sense of smell. Massive wingspans, there are three living close by, and each day they do a flyby to check me out, and yes, often close enough to see right into their eyed without the aid of a lens or optics.

Just some shots from today. Doctors appointments this week…all scheduled…I get quiet when I have these…puts me in a funk…all should be good just can’t wait until they are over…

Catch up with you soon. Have a great day!!!


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