Northern Cardinal

As many times as I’ve seen a Northern Cardinal in my life I still always stop to observe them when given the chance. Just beautiful creatures as far as I am concerned and their call and song remind me of my childhood for some reason.

Not certain which day I’ll be able to record the next episode of Finding Subjects Podcast this week, but I’ll get into the bunker as soon as I can and begin on it.

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. We have heard that before, but I just can’t get that saying out of my head the past few days. So I think it’s time to crack down on a few things, tasks, if you will, that I have set before myself and have halfheartedly accomplished.

It’s time to focus…sharpen the determination…and get it done.

Got anything you are dragging your feet on?

Anything you may want to do but are actually, subliminally, kind of afraid to undertake for fear of completing that task?

Why would someone be fearful of completing a task they want to achieve in the first place?

Well…that would equate to change…and sometimes we are not very good as welcoming change…

Take me for instance…I like when things stay as they are, however to progress in life in certain areas, change is necessary, and so possibly within we all self sabotage just to keep in the flow of the status quo…I don’t know…

So the one foot is not only stepping forward but coming down with a thunderous boom, followed closely by the next foot. Yes I am being vague but this is where you insert your own mission, your own task you need to fine tune and achieve.

You ready for this? Some things, a lot of things, take time and patients, as will my tasks, however in the end, they will have significant positive impacts on my life and help me achieve a few dreams in that now half-full bucket of lists I carry around.

Lets get it done. Focus. You got this!

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, if it were, everyone would be the best at what they do…

Have a fantastic day, good luck, and for those scary things we have little or no control over, I will keep us all in the prayers as I hope you will to me in our daily trek through life.

Be cool to others, and yes I will say it, ‘Go forth and love your peoples!’

Talk to you soon!


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