65: Want To Lose Weight?


65: Want To Lose Weight?

I’d like to lose some weight. I need to lose some weight. But I know it’s going to take self-discipline and determination to make it happen.

Let’s set some reachable goals together, they can be weight loss, eating healthier, exercising, meditating, practicing mindfulness, whatever healthy goal you would like to achieve.

We talk about it on this episode of Finding Subjects!

Are you in?

Morning Sky

It’s like watching God create art everyday. I don’t often remember that, especially during these trying times, but I did remember it today.

If John and Yoko Grew Old Together…


For some reason this couple reminded me of John and Yoko, if they would have been blessed to grow old together…

Delco Rainbow

Beautiful rainbow over the Delco sky just now. Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Son Rays

Never before captured sunlight looking like this, individual rays…

But I was giving thanks for everyone and everything in my life at the time.


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