Common Snapping Turtle

Something most of us will never see, the mating ritual of the common snapping turtle. Saw these two lovebirds yesterday.

Gestation period is around 90 days.

They lay their eggs between April and November, May and June the most common months.

They will lay their eggs in the same place each year, and often have a clutch of 20-80 eggs. Temperatures between 73-80 degrees F will produce males, slightly above or below those temps with produce both sexes, and more extreme temperatures will produce females.

Life expectancy of the common snapping turtle in the wild is less than that of the Alligator Snapper. Whereas the common snapper will live longer than the Alligator snapper in captivity.

Great time of the year to visit your local marshlands or wildlife center!

Super Powers…

Female Golden Crowned Kinglet?

When you catch a bird with a fast shutter speed you capture a lot of interesting positions. One flutter of the wings propels them from branch to branch, it’s incredible to observe.

I am not certain on my identification of this bird, I’m thinking female Golden Crowned Kinglet? Please let me know if I am incorrect so I can change this.

Flight would be one of the top three superpowers I would like to possess.

How about you?

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle: John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

Great encounter yesterday with this incredible creature. Overcast day at the refuge, not too many people, but a lot of migratory birds. Walking the exterior of the main pond, passers by asked if I saw the Eagles in the tree nearby, I hadn’t, and was thankful they pointed me back towards a trail I had bypassed.

I am always amazed at the size of these creature. And also the intimidation factor of those talons.

Nikon D5300/Sigma 150-500mm

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