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63: Hug Somebody! (length 5 min)

Hugging someone expresses love beyond words for a lot of people. Hugging someone can mean someone is really happy to be in your presence, and it can mean goodbye as well.

But these days, if you are a hugger, you may be going through an emotional rough time with social distancing in effect.

Today we talk to ‘Blondie’, who simply loves people so much she loves to give a hug, if they don’t mind of course.

Unfortunately for Blondie and many others, these are times where social distancing is preventing most of us from hugs.

63: HUG SOMEBODY (length 5 Min)

62: Determinism vs Free-Will

Ever wonder if everything you do in life has been predetermined?

Or is ‘Free-Will’ actually in charge of everything we do?

I talk about this on today’s episode of Finding Subjects!

62: Determinism vs Free-Will