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Episode 99: Satisfaction

Attempting to achieve ones goals can be a daunting task filled with victories and failures.

Proper planning and thought is key in success.

But what if your dreams or plans are negatively affected by others?

What if after achieving those goals you still aren’t satisfied?

When does enough actually become…enough?

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Early Morning Sorte

I don’t believe they hang out together, they were just sharing the same Lake and had a simultaneous departure time on separate runways.

Getting back into the photos. I feel lost without taking pictures.

Took over a very small space in the condo to act as a recording studio. I’m hoping it sounds good for you, next episode will be out Tuesday or Wednesday.

The news has really got me down, we’re at each others throats, everyone is hating each other…

I don’t know the answers. I do know photography makes me feel better though.

Have a great day!!


93: Music and Memories

Recalling the music and the memories we associate with particular songs from our past and how strong those emotions can remain over time.

Finding Subjects Podcast: 93: Music and Memories (libsyn.com)


I’d like to start off with an apology for not being up to date on this site. For the past four years I’ve been using an extremely old laptop that barely limped along with me as I tried to combine my podcast with this website.

Just today I received a super nice laptop from my wife and kids and suddenly I feel a surge to be able to get things organized and kept up to date.

The podcast is now up to 92 episodes. It can be listened to wherever it is you listen to podcasts or just click on the menu above and it will take you directly to the show.

The last five or so episodes have seen a change in format, including listeners with audio and text, whatever they feel comfortable with, it’s been great to have people wanting to get involved.

Health wise, I’m feeling stable. Nothing is new with the heart situation which is great and for the first time in a long time I feel I am able to concentrate on my life and live it instead of worrying so much about it all.

I’m not even certain if anyone is out there any longer on my list of followers? I will go into the list of folks that I follow and check out your work. This place, wordpress, has been a great community to learn from. Can’t wait to get more involved once again.

Anyway, I’m diving into this magic box, I am certain I know very little about everything it is capable of, but most importantly I find myself with the capability to sit here and type to you, which is something I couldn’t do with my last laptop, so I am already way ahead of the game.

I hope this letter finds you all well. It’s good to be back. Looking forward to writing here often. Until next time…


Balcony Is Poppin!

The ladies doing a great job with the flowers once again. Even though I’m the only one that hangs out there, they still make it look nice all year round!

Check out the latest podcast if you would. All episode can be found above in the menu!!

Have a great day!


75: How God ‘Is’ Real! Part 1

We talked last episode about the question ‘Is God Real?’. In this episode I talk to a friend of mine, Scott, to help me get a grip on this question and the follow up question, ‘How IS God Real?’ We float a lot of ideas around and the more we talk about it, the more I listen, the deeper my understanding of my faith becomes.

75: How God Is Real! Part 1

American Goldfinch

He’s a daily visitor now. Feasting on the Black-eyed Susans and sunflowers, they are almost gone and yet this ones family stops by daily. It’s been a pleasure to have them this year.

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The Marshlands

Miss heading here. It’s been closed ever since the tropical storm came through about a month ago and did some significant damage. love this place. It’s where I grew up running around everyday. It’s my quiet place, well, at least one if my quiet places. Hope it opens back up soon….

73: Finding And Overcoming Failure

Ever have something embarrassing happen to you and it stuck with you your entire life? Me too. I talk about how I defeated that negative thought in todays episode

Samba: a tough guy who overcame a ton of adversity

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72: Making Memories

Mindfulness, Appreciation, and Understanding, often lead to peace, balance, and understanding in our lives.

Episode now available here…

Episode 72: Making Memories