The Unexplained: ‘Do You Believe in Ghosts?’ With Father Matt

On this episode I have a one on one with Father Matt, a Roman Catholic Priest, as we discuss the existence of ghosts, the ability of deceased family members to visit us, evil entities, the importance of having faith, and moreā€¦
You are not going to want to miss this episode!!!

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The Unexplained: UFO’s, Messages From the Other Side, Haunted Cigar Man, Speaking Russian, The Three Deer

On this episode of Finding Subjects, the listeners call in and tell their stories. We talk to Ron, Bink, and Eric as they share their stories of strange and mysterious encounters which are mysterious, hilarious, eyebrow raising, and awe inspiring.—Messages-From-the-Other-Side–Haunted-Cigar-Man–Speaking-Russian–The-Three-Deer-e1gvfhp

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