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Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle: John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

Great encounter yesterday with this incredible creature. Overcast day at the refuge, not too many people, but a lot of migratory birds. Walking the exterior of the main pond, passers by asked if I saw the Eagles in the tree nearby, I hadn’t, and was thankful they pointed me back towards a trail I had bypassed.

I am always amazed at the size of these creature. And also the intimidation factor of those talons.

Nikon D5300/Sigma 150-500mm


After wishing on this for a lifetime, I finally obtained a decent zoom lens for my Nikon D5300.

I purchased this a Sigma 150-500mm used lens from a camera shop in Indianapolis, Indiana called Roberts Camera Shop, through their eBay department.

After asking all of the pertinent questions: Any fungus? Joint movement? Ever been dropped? Damage? Dirt inside? I felt comfortable enough to buy this lens from them.

Today was day-one with the Sigma. Heavy, bulky, all of the things I thought it would be…but even on an overcast day like today, I have to say I am pretty happy with the results. It’s a keeper and for the first time in my life, I felt as if I had an equal chance to put out some presentable nature photography as I always have dreamed.

Today was heavy with the Canada Geese, so it was practice on each shot, nothing but fun.

Overcast, shooting towards the brightest part of the sky (sun behind the clouds), I was still satisfied with my results. Cannot wait to dive deep into this thing and really see what it can do.

This shot was taken at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Episode 98: Trust but varify

From deep within the concrete bunker we talk about recent event’s and the possibility at how disinformation could be lurking and luring us in, and the ‘what if’s’ of everything that is said in the news and on social media.

Finding Subjects Podcast: 98: Trust But Verify (

Photo by Connor Danylenko on

Finding Sleep…

Over the course of doing my podcast I’ve had a lot of different comments, suggestions, critiques etc… all of which I appreciate greatly.

There is one comment in particular that I find very interesting: People like to fall asleep listening to my show.

This used to kind of bother me, after all, I do this podcast thing to hopefully entertain, educate, help in some way, but to be told people like to fall asleep listening to me? I took it as a smackdown for the longest time…that is…until I understood what it was they meant by that.

Supposedly, my voice is soothing to a lot of people. It helps them relax, chill out, not that my wife and kids would agree since they hear me all day long, but more recently I am getting folks contacting me saying they really enjoy listening to my show before bed, they turn it on, and in no time, they find themselves relaxed and suddenly, asleep.

After researching this phenomenon with my podcasting peers, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am deeply honored, and this opinion, it’s not a bad thing, it’s a high compliment.

A few people even suggested that they often have trouble falling asleep, or if they awaken in the middle of the night and are unable to go back to sleep, they’ll put on Finding Subjects Podcast and go to sleep with me.

Look, however I can help people, that’s fantastic. I personally don’t seem to put myself to sleep, my wife sometimes seems to loose focus when I am speaking to her, same with my kids, but I am not certain they are tuning in anyways to what I have to say.

So…if you can’t get to sleep, or if you know someone who has trouble falling asleep, try sleeping with me. Ha!

Man, that sounds so wrong and inaccurate, but life is full of funny antidotes, right?

Sleep with me, people, turn your friends on to me as well, I’m easy apparently. Lol

Seriously though, if you know someone having problems falling asleep, share me with them?

Let’s try to see if it works for them. Maybe I’ll even create a special ‘very chill’ episode in the near future for the purpose of achieving relaxation and sleep.

Thank you very much for your time.

Have a great weekend.

Talk to you soon!


Finding Subjects Podcast

Episode 97: Auld Lang Syne

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?

Heck no. I enjoy remembering the people from my past and the memories I have connected to them.

On this episode we take a trip down memory lane and discuss, the milk man, gas man, vegetable huckster, the mosquito man, DDT spraying. and more…

Happy New Year to you all and I hope you enjoy this episode on Finding Subjects Podcast.

You can listen by clicking the link below!

Finding Subjects Podcast: 97: Auld Lang Syne (

96: Way Above Average

We answer ‘Yo, Tony’  questions and keep it humorous while talking about Fat Jesus, being above average, aerobic and anaerobic workouts, and striving to be the best we can be.

Finding Subjects Podcast: 96: Way Above Average (

95: Something Special

Eating breakfast and recording a podcast in a cemetery. Talking to dead people. Remembering good times. Reminding ourselves we are indeed special. 

Finding Subjects Podcast: 95: Something Special (

Photo by Pixabay on

Finding Subjects Podcast: 95: Something Special (

94: A Christmas Wish

A brief discussion on what our ultimate Christmas wish would be and how mindfulness during these trying times reminds us of how truly blessed we are.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.

Thank you for listening to Finding Subjects Podcast


93: Music and Memories

Recalling the music and the memories we associate with particular songs from our past and how strong those emotions can remain over time.

Finding Subjects Podcast: 93: Music and Memories (