Thank you for visiting Finding Subjects. My name is Tony and I share a personal podcast and photo journal right here.

I created this personal journal because I’m a dad with a heart problem, I’ve been home for about twenty years, my kids are now in college and working, and I just wanted to leave them a little something in life that they would always remember me by in case God hits the ‘off switch’ on me a little sooner than expected.

In this way, I can leave my thoughts on life with my children, family, friends, and you, and allow you a very personal glimpse into my life, my spirituality, my outlook on the world, from a very ordinary man, me.

Why share such personal information with you?

It was actually the idea of my children, they thought it might help someone out there who could be dealing with adversity to hear someone else’s story and find strength in that.

I live in Pennsylvania, USA. I love music, photography, talking to people, and my dream is that somehow my words, my thoughts, my constant battle with my health adversity will in someway inspire someone out there that just might need to hear something I have to say.

Thank you very much for visiting, for listening, for commenting, and for potentially sharing.

It would be great if you followed and shared!

Thank you very much!


Finding Subjects Podcast

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A podcast about my journey through life trying my best to be mindful, positive, and faith filled.

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