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Man’s Other Best Friend

One of our rescues, Mr. Kitty Schweinsteiger Messi Ronaldo Buddy Georgie Best Moe Salah the first. Long name but he answers to Buddy, Kitty, or ‘you want treats?’

Never far from my side. Waits at the door until I arrive back home. His paw has to be on top of my hand when he sleeps at night. Waits on the bed exactly ten o’clock each night for my wife and I.

He’s abandoned his nocturnal nature and adapted our schedule.

When I first saw him he was locked in a room for six weeks periodically being cared for, his owner ditched him.

I was asked to stop by and check on him. I opened the bedroom door, it was dark in there, he shot out and wrapped himself around my foot and looked up at me.

I told him then ‘You will always have whatever you need and you will never ever be alone again for the rest of your life!’

And that’s how I met my buddy!

This is part of the daily ritual. Quiet time. Lots of eye blinks, purring on his part, and my hand on his back, just placed there.

His back…you couldn’t even touch him anywhere without him going nuts.

It took a long time, many cuts and blood leaks to get him to trust me. Trust anyone.

I knew he would be put down for his inability to settle down.

I thought his initial surrender of wrapping himself on my foot was his normal demeanor…it was not.

After a year of patience with this dude…he has morphed into the coolest cat I’ve ever met.

Retrieves anything I throw, communicates directly with us if you take the time to understand what he wants, just very thankful we stuck it out and didn’t surrender him. He most certainly would have been unadaptable.

22 lbs of muscle. One big cat!

But here he is…my Bud! 💪🏻👍🏻

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