Episode 138: Lost Love

Today I awoke and within 60 seconds I had the record button depressed and a guitar in my hands, laying on my back talking to you and playing guitar.

It’s about passion…I have a ton of it for everything from talking with others, to discussing life and positivity, to talking about music or whatever…

And on today’s episode I strongly encourage you to embrace that which you truly love and do it to the best of your ability whatever it may be…running…playing music…photography…do it for you…you deserve it!


  1. It’s been a while, Tony, since I last listened to one of your podcasts and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. You cracked me up with your repeated references to waking up with the cat’s butt in your face, entertained me with your guitar playing, including snippets of your song “Lost Love,” and inspired me with your encouragement to pursue your passion. I really relate to the sense of positivity that you project and whole-heartedly support your idea that we should open the eyes of others to the beauty that surrounds us all. Thanks.

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