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The Serenity Now

Pelican Bay, Jackson Lake, Grand Tetons, Wyoming…

Going through some more photographs of our recent trip I came across this one.

My wife walked up to the pizza place we couldn’t find all week. Seems we drove past the sign numerous times and each time missed, and suddenly there is was, here at Pelican Bay on Jackson Lake.

And as she walked over to pick up our order, I walked down to the waters edge. Honestly I could have stayed here for a long time.

‘Serenity Now’ I kept thinking in my head, the Season 9, episode 3 show from Seinfeld where Georges dad keeps saying ‘serenity now, serenity now…’ is hilarious.

But this scene…I felt like I was staring at a painting.

It’s moments like this I talk about often on the podcast, being mindful of the moment, taking time to live in the present and appreciate the little things…like this serene scene…

Yesterday I took a walk into the woods along a trail I sometimes go to. It was quiet, nothing but insects chirping, birds tweeting, the sound of water trickling off in the distance, leaves falling…it was a great disconnect.

Yesterday’s walk in the state of Delaware, USA

And suddenly a thought came upon me as I stood there for a moment, a memory of a podcast some months back, ‘Is God Real’ and then the follow up episode ‘God Is Real’ and how I stated that in everything I see around me, God is present…and how with so much going on in the world it is incredibly hard to even think of God being present in such turmoil, such negativity surrounding us all.

Wyoming and Montana are beautiful places as is Idaho. I remember a few instances of taking early morning walks with my camera as my wife slept, heading into the woods and thinking about the large omnivores that live there; Grizzly bears, Black bears…and yet I still walked…and I reminded myself I had no bear spray and what I was doing could be considered reckless, and simultaneously I felt very alive, in the moment, mindful of the situation.

Early morning walk, Yellowstone, Wyoming

Disconnececting to connect is something I used to do often, and sort of got away from it with the advent of Covid and everything crazy that accompanied that, this time, people stressed.

These situations are not over. Not certain if they ever will be. But I think now more than ever it’s important we have some private time to ourselves just to recharge, be it on a park bench, practicing photography, exercising, walking in the woods as I am currently now doing, or just sitting on the banks of a lake and staring at serenity before us, as I did in the photograph above.

Serenity now…Serenity now…

Have a great day!

Episode 132 is now available. You can listen on this website or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Thank you for being here, and have a great day!


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