Better Choices?

What’s the better choice? What school of thought are you?

In one aspect I’m thinking eggs and sausage because of the lower carbs.

Forget about the ketchup, that’s there to gross out my friends who can’t stand ketchup, especially on eggs!

One cup Honey Nut Cheerios, one cup blueberries, one cup no sugar added almond milk?

The cereal is hard for me not to eat because I gotta get my carbs daily because I am a carboholic!

Carbs to me pack pounds on. Just the way it is. I don’t have the metabolism of a twenty year old man anymore.

What’s your school of thought on this?


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  1. I try not to worry about it. Depending on my mood, I will either make some old-fashioned oatmeal and just put a little cinnamon on it or will do a ham and cheese omelet with toast. I should probably worry more about carbs, but then I might have to question the fact that I eat so much pasta–at least it is generally whole-wheat pasta. 🙂

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