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Good Morning

I’m blessed to look to my left each morning and see a sight different from the day before but always a perfect picture painted by the creator.

This window is one of the reasons I bought this place, each room has one, I forget the exact dimensions but I’m thinking 9’ wide by 4’ high, or something close to that?

We get the sunrise each morning, the lightning in a storm, ironically we cannot hear any rain and only the loudest of thunder claps.

Most importantly to me it is a constant reminder of the beauty of this earth and that segue’s my thoughts to the appreciation of the creator.

It’s not always this nice. It can be rainy and windy, but that always departs to bring with it another painting of beauty.

As it is in life, adversities followed by happiness and better days, and the cycle continues…

Got a great phone call just now. Bob, who I mentioned on the podcast, had the tumor on his kidney removed yesterday in surgery.

He was the best man in my wedding, great guy. He has been very worried ever since getting his diagnosis.

His phone call to me just now, they got the tumor, he won’t be needing chemotherapy or radiation.

The adversity (the storm outside obscuring the blue sky and sun ), the great news of a successful surgery (the storm gone, the awesome view of the sunrise), this is life we all deal with each day.

In all of my funky analogies and the way I see things, it helps keeping me grounded in my faith in God and how God is always present in everything surrounding us, even when it doesn’t seem so.

We will all go through the storm, and sometimes it’s incredibly hard when we do. During those times it’s really hard to believe God would allow us to go through such things alone, but in truth God is there, with us.

It’s been a rough three weeks with life happening around me. But all is well once again…

And for that…I give thanks for everyone and everything in my life…

Have a great day!

Thanks for stopping by.


Finding Subjects Podcast

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