Episode 109: Bright Side Of The Moon

Episode 109: Bright Side Of The Moon… Listen here…

Ever just stare at the moon? I’m certain if we could we’d stare at the earth if we were on the moon and just wonder, ‘How is something with such great mass just rotating on it’s axis and staying in it’s position in the solar system?’

Just look at the moon, a solid rock, seventy-three million metric tons (approximately) just rotating around it’s mother planet, earth, causes tides to ebb and flow, illuminated by the sun, and it is there…all of that weight…floating…suspended…as we are…

Heavy thoughts today? Why not. Maybe this is what today’s show will be about…the vastness of our world and how we rarely take the time to see it and appreciate it’s beauty.

I don’t even remember when I took this shot…probably the last full moon…yes, I went out on the balcony, no shoes, no socks, stood out there and started firing, didn’t pay much attention to settings, maybe the shutter speed, it’s not that I didn’t care, I now remember I was just tired, yes, just firing away…

I’ve taken much better shots of the moon. I remember as a goofy young kid, claiming the moon as my own. My friends arguing with me that you have to go there to claim it, I informed them that ‘I just claimed it and saved myself the trip!’ We all laughed.

Contemplating these types of things, it’s a nice break from today world. I’m sitting here right now at my table typing this text, thinking about how much I used to enjoy writing, coming up with a story, the intro, the characters, the plot, the twist, the ending, and thinking how cool it would be to have my name on a paperback…Paperback Writer…just like the Beatles song.

What was stopping me? Nothing. I did it seven, eight times? From beginning to end, one hundred thousand pages or more…and chose not to self publish. I still have the files. I could still do that. But it was the task that was important to me not the fame. It was the challenge I set before myself, a challenge a New York Times twenty-seven time best selling author put before me, a friend of mine and very famous author…to go and write that book.

I think of how many times I wrote others, got to the very end, hit ‘select all’ then hit ‘delete’ while simultaneously saying the words ‘just practicing’. Some would call that a waste. I called it practice.

Where am I going with any of this? It’s just something that’s been on my mind. Am I satisfied with just being ‘Tony, the host of Finding Subjects Podcast?’ Why not? And where I currently am in the ranks of Podcasts around the world and how grateful I am to you all for making that happen.

There are currently 1,750,000 podcasts…

Where am I in that mix?

Finding Subjects Podcast is currently #572 in the world in the Health and Fitness Category, #1102 in Society and Culture worldwide, and why am I even stating this?

If you know me you already know it’s never for self-gratification or pretentiousness. I’m not that guy. I never will be that guy.

I am stating this because I am doing something I love for nothing more than hoping and praying it matters to someone out there…and for some strange reason, people tune into my show…and I don’t understand why, but I am very appreciative and grateful for that.

And in that sense…I am extremely grateful to everyone out there who listens and shares.

The world we live in is so serious. We all get worried, have legitimate concerns, I personally pray about things, it’s just what I do to help myself through some hard times. And this…talking to you, having these little conversations with you, it matters to me, it how you help me. I’m just praying that I am reciprocating to you as well.

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. But I know for me, I am sitting here today, alive, grateful, thankful, feeling blessed, feeling loved, cared for, a roof over my head and food in the fridge, and I even believe that somewhere in this place there is a package of OREO cookies hidden from me because I cannot control myself.

For all of these things I am indeed thankful.

If you are feeling overwhelmed in the send that you feel as if you may need to talk to someone, please reach out and talk to someone.

If you are just in the funk and having a bad day, possibly just stare at this pic a little bit and allow yourself to wonder…wonder about the miracles of the universe…and possibly pray about what’s on your mind…I know it works for me…

You could have probably sensed by listening to the last few episodes I haven’t been myself. I get that way before doctors visits. I had two this week. Both scheduled. I worry before them. Thankfully, everything is the same, stable, which is what I pray about all the time, for time, for time is indeed the most precious commodity we can have.

Have a fantastic day!

Thank you very much for reading this. In fact, this is going to be the podcast today, I am going to read this…

Thanks again, Folks.

Appreciated all of you greatly!


Finding Subjects Podcast


  1. I just finished listening to the podcast and it was really cool to have the chance to read your words and then hear them in your own voice. It was a nice bonus to hear your cool, spacey music at the beginning and end of the podcast. The approach you used is one that is somewhat familiar–using a photo as a stepping-off point for discussion of a broader topic–because it is one that I use sometimes in my blog postings. “Love your peoples” is a great saying for today and for any day really. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for that, Mike! This is a complex journey doing a podcast and trying to tie in photography. And then the ‘podcasting rules’ people say I should follow…it’s frustrating most of the time and I never know what’s working with anyone that listens so your feedback is really important for me. I felt good using that format and will repeat. ‘Love Your People’s…’ cracked me up! I must sound half nuts when I laugh at that kind of stuff I say but it is what is it I guess. Thank you once again!!! And the space music… I stopped worrying and caring if I don’t sound great…just trying to have fun instead, and that was fun. Have a great weekend Mike! Thanks again!!


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