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A Brief Moment In Dublin, Ireland

Taking a rest on a bench in Dublin as my daughter visited a store. Just happened to glance down to my boots and thought about the places they have taken me: Ireland, Scotland, England, Iceland, Canada, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Maine, New Hampshire, New York…and I’ve only had them for just about three years…

I then took this photo.

We never know what the future holds for us. One minute you could find yourself in Dick’s Sporting Goods buying a pair of comfortable boots to keep your feet dry when you are out in the world trying to find subjects to photograph, to talk about, and the next thing you know you are half way across the world having a conversation with a bongo playing English teacher from India who has the identical concepts on life, society, religion, people, as you do. That conversation for another time, back to this bench, this particular moment.

These boots…this bench…these bricks and walkway…it was a great capture as far as I am concerned. Minutes later a woman came outside and joined me in a conversation about life. She told me how she works two jobs to make ends meet and that her daughter and grand-daughter live with her as she is trying to help them out because the daughters boyfriend left her and the baby all alone.

Minutes later it starts raining. People began scurrying around the courtyard as I sat there and watched them, and they me, us, probably wondering why we weren’t moving, and that quickly the rain stopped and the sun shone, and I laughed at the woman’s explanation of weather in Ireland.

‘Rain now, sun next, wind, then most likely some snow showers later. Just wait ten minutes, you’ll see.’

I liked her accent. It reminded me of my grandparents accents. My grandmother from Belfast…my Grandfather from Cork.

I looked over to her and thanked her for having a conversation with me. ‘It’s what I do,’ I said to her, it’s my thing.’

‘Well, I am very glad you said hello to me and started a conversation,’ she said. I smiled at her and she at me. ‘Gotta get back inside, nice meeting you.’

‘You as well,” I said, very thankful for that brief conversation.

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