Met A Friend…

Ran into this little one in the woods and had a very cool moment of ‘checking each other out’ interaction. I often dream of owning thousands of acres and making it off limits to humans.

Sorry, but I have a soft spot for wildlife, and that slides into a conversation about hunting, and not the act of basic hunting itself with just a rifle or bow and the deer, but all the chemicals utilized to move the level in the hunters direction for a kill. Scent sprays, baits, hit-tech optics…seriously? How about going out and hunting like we did back in the day, with the very basics?

You arrive predawn, and you hunt, you search for trails, prints, you find a spot and maybe you wait there, then you move on, and nine times out of ten you get nothing, and yet it was a good day.

That was a long time ago and personally I am glad to say I never got a deer, in fact, I never got anything, small game etc…and for me that works, and I changed all of my hunting to being armed with a Nikon.

Not a anti-hunter or anti-firearm post, just a different perspective on the subject and how it worked out for me, and what I think a level playing field would be, in fact I would take away the gun and say, use of a homemade bow and arrow or spear…now that would be more like sport to me…but I’d still choose the Nikon.

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