Episode 106: Let It Be

In this episode we talk about pursuing our dreams, reaching our goals, when to realize when enough is indeed good enough, success is subjective, letting things be, embracing who we are, surrendering ourselves to our faith, we talk about all of this on this episode of Finding Subjects Podcast!


Tower Bridge in London, England
Inside the bunker, pics from the show we talked about



  1. It was really cool and a little scary, Tony, to hear you read aloud the words of a recent comment that I wrote. An awful lot of people act like they are anonymous when they make postings on social media and say (or re-post) things they would never say in person. I believe that you should be willing to stand by the things that you say or write and be consistent in doing so, not switching form persona to persona as the audience changes. It was heartwarming to hear your willingness to be vulnerable and express your deeply-held views on some personal beliefs and values. So much of what you said resonates with me about defining success on your own terms; of looking out for others; of not being afraid to fail; and for feeling blessed with what you have. Of course, the title of the podcast brought to mind the Beatles’ song, but it is also a line in one of the prayers that we use in our weeknight evening services, a prayer from the New Zealand Prayer Book. I could just reprise the short stanza that includes “let it be,” but I think it is better to see it in the context of the entire prayer, a prayer that mirrors so much of your approach–I can almost hear you saying these words. Here is a link to it (https://liturgy.co.nz/lord-it-is-night) and here is the entire prayer:

    it is night.

    The night is for stillness.
    Let us be still in the presence of God.

    It is night after a long day.
    What has been done has been done;
    what has not been done has not been done;
    let it be.

    The night is dark.
    Let our fears of the darkness of the world and of our own lives
    rest in you.

    The night is quiet.
    Let the quietness of your peace enfold us,
    all dear to us,
    and all who have no peace.

    The night heralds the dawn.
    Let us look expectantly to a new day,
    new joys,
    new possibilities.

    In your name we pray.

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    1. That is an awesome prayer from the New Zealand Prayer Book, Mike. Thank you for sharing.
      Yes, very scary often for me as well, Mike, to hear me speak the words I’m thinking within and then sharing with so many others, however, I feel a desire to do so that comes from within whenever I pray about what to talk about on the show, I feel a need to share my own trials and tribulations in life in the hope those experiences, emotions, decisions help others, and in that way, quite possibly, hopefully, I am utilizing what I have identified as a passion of communication to help or make a very miniscule difference in the life of someone I may never know in their own journey through life.

      It scares the crap out of me, honestly, and yet, it’s simply me being how I have always been, just being honest with people about everything. We go through life wearing not only the armor of God, but our own armor, putting on this bravado that we are solid as a rock, and for the most part we are, but rarely do we speak of those things that shake us to the core and show the chinks in our armor.

      I’m ok with that. It doesn’t matter to me to show, yeah, I deal with anxiety, depression, health adversity, and think of it as a weakness if one may wish, but to me, I’ve never been stronger in a way, to the point I will put it all out there and be the first one to say, yes indeed, mental illness like anxiety and depression affects us all and for me, getting in touch with my faith and embracing it, that has been a significant help in my lifelong journey in dealing with it all.

      To be a Christian, to be a man experiencing anxieties, depression, physical adversities that propelled the first two to all time heights…God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, I believe, we don’t know that in the beginning, but we learn it as we continue the walk, often stumbling, falling, then getting up and continuously forging onward, we can see that it is indeed sometimes very scary and dark on the walk of faith, but that is where I remind myself that there is nothing easy about faith during difficult times, that’s why it is called faith.

      Please excuse the long windedness….self reflecting myself this morning on my journey as I need to do often. As always, Mike, Thank you for your reply. Have a great weekend!!


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