Episode 105: Disconnect To Connect


On this show I ask for prayers for a friend, we also talk about Lady Gaga’s dogs being taken and her friend being shot in the process and how rampant such violence has become in our current day society.

I also draw comparisons to such violence years ago vs today, I talk about gun ownership, how it’s not for me but it is for my friends.

We then talk about disconnecting to connect with each other, the negatives and positives of social media and internet overload.

And finally I share another original song from The Bunker (it’s where I record stuff) it’s me just messing around with chords and guitar sounds that may or may not be turned into a complete song in the future.

All of this in a quick thirty minutes?

You bet!

Thank you in advance for listening!



  1. Thanks for another thought-provoking episode, Tony. I will be praying for your friend, Bob. I personally have found an opportunity to strengthen my spiritual connections with people over this past year by attending short evening church services via Zoom each weeknight where a major focus has been praying for each other. I agree with you on your point of the value of disconnecting from social media in order to connect to physically interact with others, but when you live alone, that can be tough, especially with the stay-at-home directives. I would even go so far as to say that technology, when used properly, has helped many folks mitigate some of the loneliness and depression that can come from such an extended self-isolation. Real connections are possible through technology, but too often the interactions are superficial or even fake, because there is pressure to pretend to be something other than what we really are. I often long for the simpler days and loved your discussion of the pleasures of listening to LP’s and 8-track tapes. As I get older, a lot of my inhibitions are starting to disappear–I am going to be as authentically me as much of the time as possible. If I don’t fit it, that’s ok with me. I definitely do take on board what you said about being careful–there are a whole lot of stressed-out folks that are carrying guns. Stay safe and healthy, my friend, and keep on with the guitar playing–it sounds great,

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    1. The problem with short episodes I sometimes fly past the important details, like, the importance of connecting when you are alone, and it also helps combat loneliness and depression…very important and great points, Mike! Thank you again! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


      1. I am totally ok with having you read it. You can even use my name if that would help. These is such a stigma tied to virtually all issues related to mental health and mental illness that many people don’t want to admit to not feeling “fine.” It really should be ok to admit that you’re struggling a bit when someone asks you how you are. That is why I wrote a little poem that was disseminated in our church weekly newsletter a little while back. Here is the a copy of that poem that I included in a blog posting.(https://michaelqpowell.com/2020/12/29/pandemic-poetry/).

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      2. I hear you, Mike. That is one of the reasons I talk about mental health dealing with the things I do. There’s a stigma connected with talking about it. But I tell it like it is in the hopes it helps others. I’ll check out that poem and thanks!! 👍🏻


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