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Disconnecting To Connect

Podcast episode of this same name dropping tomorrow!

Please tune in! Thanks for listening!


Hazy overcast day, this crew flew by, and oddly, it became my favorite shot of the day…
Some forest shrooms. I know nothing about mushrooms, other than some taste great stuffed with crabmeat or when accompanying a
Ribeye Steak.
This Squirrel loves a KIND bar. Not certain if the chocolate is any good for them, but it’s all I had on this freezing cold day and it was begging for food.
A common site but one I can’t get enough of. People seem unimpressed with Canada Geese, but to me they are fascinating, sure, they crap a lot, but so do humans.

Why disconnect to connect? It’s something I have to do. The hectivity of the world gets to me a lot of times where I just feel the need to unplug from our technical world and dissipate into nature.

Things seem less complicated there, less, hectic, less, ‘fast paced’, and it’s where I can slow my thoughts and contemplate all that I am thankful and grateful for.

Covid-19 and all of it’s restrictions has gotten to me to a point I feel a need to get out into nature more often than I do. Social media is having the same affect. Posting a photo on Instagram and hoping for more likes…why? Putting up a podcastcast episode and hoping for greater numbers…why?

I have a message to share, one of positivity, appreciation, but what if it’s a message that will only be shared by a few?

Well than that’s the way it is…

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4 responses to “Disconnecting To Connect”

  1. My feelings about the effects and benefits of nature are similar to yours, Tony. I look at it as a kind of therapy to counteract all of the negative messages that seem to bombard me every day. As for technology and social media, I have a kind of love-hate relationship with it. I have seen that there is a positive benefit to sharing my views of the natural world with others who may not be able to go out themselves, but I don’t stress over the number of “likes” that I get and I almost never worry about “growing” my audience. The thing is, Tony, that you and I can never truly note the extent of our reach as we try to send out messages of positivity and thankfulness. It is a bit of a cliché, but it is true that having an impact on a single person makes all of this worthwhile.

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    1. Agreed, Mike, with everything you said. Being in the podcasting world is extremely difficult where everything is based off of ‘the numbers’. How many listens, how many likes, how many subscribers…like my wife and children often say to me…what’s it matter? They are right, and I know they are, and then I visit the podcasting support groups and bam, everyone is talking about the statistics once again.
      I guess my want for reaching more comes from my desire and persistence to share messages of positivity and thankfulness as you do. And you are right on point in saying that we may never know the extent of our reach in doing so.
      I remember when I first started this, I kept saying to myself….if I could only get ten people to hear this show, that would be cool!
      But when is enough, enough?
      It goes back to what you said shout never knowing the extent of our reach, which is even cooler than big listening numbers. So many people are very unhappy in life. It’s a humbling thought to think that maybe, just maybe, our insights and shares of nature, mindfulness, empathy, kindness, understanding, may someday somewhere, help someone get through a tough time or enjoy this gift of life we all have just a little bit more.

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      1. When I do something out of love, Tony, all those other calculations just don’t matter to me. I think we have been brainwashed into thinking about our lives should be lived in a transactional way–that we should get something in exchange for what we give. It’s still an aspirational goal for me, but I am really trying to adopt the mindset of giving with no expectation of “payment.”

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      2. An extremely vital point right there, Mike!!! Great point!!!

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