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Episode 104: Treat Yo Self!

The new lens was something I treated myself to so as to get closer to the subjects I am fortunate enough to find.

It’s healthy to have a hobby or a diversion from the seriousness of life. Taking a walk, listening to music, playing music, creating music, reading a book, some sort of hobby to give yourself a break from whatever it is you may be dealing with.

In this episode we talk about this, I share a little bit of the newest song I wrote for some bumper music to the show, and talk about plans for the future in writing songs.

Listen to Episode 104: Treat Yo Self on the link below. Please share if you like.

Finding Subjects Podcast: 104: Treat Yo Self (

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2 responses to “Episode 104: Treat Yo Self!”

  1. When I saw the title, Tony, and the eagle photos, I kind of assumed you were going to talk about your telephoto lens. I was a cool surprise to listen to the podcast and to hear about your rediscovered relationships with guitars and get that sneak preview of your song. I loved it. We all deserve to be happy and I totally agree that it’s ok to treat yourself to something that may be whimsical or impractical or even foolish. I sometimes dabble in watercolors and don’t have much skill, but it makes me happy to play around. Kids intuitively understand the value of play–adults tend to get too goal-oriented. I love hearing your frequent reminders to appreciate what we have and have been embracing the idea that it is ok to say no to society’s message that we need to buy more and more to feel good about ourselves.

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    1. Thank you for this, Mike! As you know by listening, I sit down and have a conversation with the person in front of me, that I can’t see, you, my children in the future, anyone who tunes in, and I speak purely from the heart about things I wish someone told me during my life. I often wonder if it matters, if anyone gets where I am coming from, and simultaneously I realize that even if one person gets it, then that in itself is very cool. I often say life is way too serious to be way too serious, and I believe with that, we need to have fun and do things we love that may be just for us and foolish, whimsical, or impractical. Over the last five years I’ve adapted the ‘less is more’ concept and so far it’s been very rewarding. Again I’m just a guy who observes things from outside the box and I have found it rewarding personally. Mike, as always, thank you for your comments. Very cool you are getting back into the watercolors. Remember Einstein said ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge!’
      Thank you for listening! Have a great weekend!

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