Episode 101: Life Finances 101

After high school I found a job and spent my money recklessly. Looking back now as a parent, I wish I were taught some basics in finance by my parents and also in school. 

In this episode I touch upon some of the things I wish I had learned.

Listen here: Finding Subjects Podcast: 101: Life Finances 101 (libsyn.com)

Carolina Wren getting it’s house in order during a snow storm. Nikon D5300 Sigma 150-500mm

What’s this photograph have anything to do with the subject I talk about on todays episode, Life Finances 101? Everything.

I’ve waited my entire life to be able to afford the camera and lens I currently have. It’s not top of the line, everything was purchased used, but importantly for me, I didn’t go into debt to buy it. I paid cash.

So many things in life I threw on a credit card when I was younger. I had to be reminded by my girlfriend to ‘cash the stack of paychecks sitting on the bedroom dresser’ or ‘deposit the stack of cash’ I’d have sitting next to it, where I should have been using common sense and just paying cash instead of doing what someone told me to build up my credit score.

I was young, carefree, and lived life doing whatever I wanted. When in reality, I really should have been planning better for the future and not living for the day.

Looking back I really had zero direction in regards to important life skills like finance and career planning. I firmly believe these things should be mandatory subjects to learn in high school, all four years, because the proper guidance in these topics can greatly affect our lives and our future.

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