Episode 100: Thank You

We set goals in our lives and sometimes we never reach them, we never give ourselves credit for trying and that specific task just fades away.

Episode one hundred on this podcast is a goal I set a while back, never thinking I could even get to episode ten…then twenty…then fifty etc…and suddenly it’s episode one hundred and people asked what special thing will I do for this episode.

All I could think about when thinking about episode one hundred are the words ‘thank you’. Thank you to everyone who ever gave their time to help me with this dream by listening, to this fantastic medium where I get to connect with people across the globe in a very humble way.

And as I thought more and more about this episode and what I would say, I kept feeling more and more grateful for everyone and everything in my life, especially God.

I’d like to think these two Northern Shoveler Ducks are thankful for each other…

I talk about photography in this episode, and my way of thinking that photographs have the ability to freeze time and when we snap a shot and posses that, we can then time travel backwards to that place, that instance, and relive those moments, those memories, within our minds, which are possibly the most amazing time machines known to man.

Thank you…if you’ve ever listen to my show.

Thank you for reading this…

Thank you…

Please click on the link below to listen.

Finding Subjects Podcast: 100: Thank You (libsyn.com)

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