85: Be A MillionaIre

Loving what you already have can make you the richest person you know. It’s all part of being appreciative, thankful, and mindful of everything you already have.

Too often we set our minds to unrealistic goals that only leave us feeling unsatisfied when the wealthiest people that I know are the ones who understand the wealth behind what they already possess.

Finding Subjects Podcast: 85: Be A Millionare (libsyn.com)


  1. Your messages in this podcast really resonated with me, Tony. I spent most of my working life in buildings in which cell phones were not permitted and so I never got used to the idea of having one with me. I don’t feel any need to be at anyone’s beck and call 24/7. When I got my first cellphone it was a Tracfone and I minimized my use of it because it was a pay-as-you go phone. I have an iPhone now, but have never used it on the internet–I use it to make calls and sometimes text. During this pandemic time I must admit that I have expanded my usage to include video chats. I too like to be present in the moment–I feel no need or compulsion to check messages or social media–I do use Facebook and have an almost daily blog, but I do all my updates on my desktop computer, not on my phone. I very much agree also with what you said about priorities, about what is truly important in this life. Being rich is not so much about the amount of money we earn–it is more about how we invest ourselves in others.

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