Updating the Site

Hello, All.

I just completed scheduling the rest of my podcasts to appear here, all by Christmas Day, so I will be current with this site and the podcast page.

It’s really nice being able to get things accomplished on a laptop that works. So with that, I hope to stay current here with you all.

Over the next few days you will most likely be getting updates that a new post has been made. I hope this won’t be annoying to you, but I promise after Christmas day, they will not be so many at once.

Thank you all very much for your listens to Finding Subjects Podcast. You will see with the episodes in the 90’s that I am really ramping up listener participation, so in the future, you will be welcome to comment and share on the show. It’s been a blast doing this in the last few episodes as people from many countries are chiming in and telling their stories, so very cool.

With that, I’m done for the day today, feeling blessed this is finally coming together, and I especially want to say thank you very much to all who read and comment and listen to my show.

It’s a show for all of us…not just for me…and with folks now getting involved…well…I’m just really glad to be a part of this.

Have a great day!

Speak to you soon.

Stay safe out there.

Thanks again!


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