Serenity Now

That ‘vortex of negativity’ I always talk about avoiding? Well somehow it got hold of me and I am currently fighting my way back, I’m not completely consumed…I’m stuck at the entrance but it’s incredibly strong and I’m giving it all I can to get out.

What happened? The world and everything bad happened to find a crack through my armor and began to seep in.

Somehow…someway…violence towards others, hatred, lawlessness….they all have found an accepting place in our society…where in my world…none of that is now or will ever be acceptable.

I’m not talking about isolated pockets. I am talking about large masses.

I think we have lost the positive message. It’s been stolen away by the savagery of that violence, hatred, and lawlessness

Normally I see it coming…the storm cloud…but I didn’t see this one…and to be honest…I am worried for us all…

Praying things get better. Yes…I’ve turned to prayer a long time ago.

Violence and hatred never solves anything.

You can beat a man into submission but that will never change what’s in his mind.


I’m praying this settles down…

Maybe you can join me in prayers….

Author: Finding Subjects Podcast

Just thankful to be here on this earth and engaging others in conversation!

2 thoughts on “Serenity Now”

  1. I too am praying that somehow people will start listening to each other again and relearn that patience, tolerance, and compassion can help us to make progress in a way that is impossible with violence and hatred.


    1. Mike…thank you for your consistent ‘liked’ and today’s comment. I needed it and appreciate it greatly. I absolutely agree with you. Respect, empathy, understanding, compassion…I try in vain sometimes to incorporate these traits in my life each day. Just negativity overload last night seeing so many people hurting others…I grew up in a town where you had to be street smart and strong, where respect was earned not demanded or given freely…it’s hard for me to understand that in a country where we are blessed to live in comparison to the rest of the world…we can also be so hateful of each other…
      Thanks again, Mike!
      Have a great day!


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