Morning Sky

Itโ€™s like watching God create art everyday. I donโ€™t often remember that, especially during these trying times, but I did remember it today.

61: Hockey Life In Canada


In this episode of Finding Subjects, I call up a friend of mine, Rob, and we talk old hockey stories, experiences in the junior leagues, playing for fun, making the pros, realistic expectations on child athletes, and giving back to the community.

61: Hockey Life In Canada

Unholy Grounds: The Terry Bowers Story

A very sad story that happened to an incredible family.

All they want is answers and the truth. They asked for others to share their story.

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Unholy Grounds Upcoming Documentary

Please… share this story with everyone you can. The more interest in this story will hopefully help it gain more traction.
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Finding Subjects

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Funk Outta Here, Yo! The Song


Funk Outta here a song I recently wrote and produced designed to flatten the Covid Curve by us dancing on it.

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