54: That’s Life!

We all get knocked down, kicked, fed up, frustrated, ready to throw in the towel and quit, but the word QUIT is not in our vocabulary any longer! 

In this episode I share some life events where I’ve been kicked to the ground by others and myself, but the most important thing to do is get yourself right back up and realize, that’s just life!

That’s Life!


  1. Great thought-provoking and inspirational podcast. It was fascinating to learn more about you and the wide range of jobs that you have held, but the thing that really sticks with me most is your call for us to be ourselves, flawed and imperfect as we may be. Thanks.

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    1. Mike….thank you…and thank you very much for your feedback, seriously. I often wonder if I am just talking to myself when I do them, and when I get someone like yourself who enjoyed it, it helps motivate me to continue on. It’s easy to get frustrated in the podcast world when you get a humble amount of listens, and often wonder if I should stop sharing so much of myself, but it is a personal journal for my kids, which is why I continue onward, and periodically I do get people saying they enjoy it. So thank you once again. I appreciate your listen greatly. Tony


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